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This page will be updated to have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and it will also have various self help guides as we create them, this is to help you when you need it, by creating these documents for you we are able to provide you with step by step instructions that you can do in your time, and you will also have access to this outside of our helpdesk hours as our website is open 24hours a day!

Wireless Router Questions

Q: Only my computer is connected, but now I need to connect my laptop or smart phone to wireless?

A: By default we only provide a single PC ethernet connection, to use your connection for more than one computer, or to provide a wireless signal around your house for your wireless devices to connect to you will need to purchase a wireless router, either from us or your favourite electronics or computer store. The routers that we supply are preconfigured and fully supported by us, plug and play and ready to install for only $200.00 incl GST.

Q: I need to change my password on my wireless router, can I do this myself?

A: We have remote access to all of the Primo supplied routers, so as long as the router was supplied by us you can give us a call or email and we can change this for you very easily. If you supplied your own router then we would not have remote access to it so we would be unable to help you change the password.

Primo Phone Questions

Q: How do I access my Primo Phone Voicemail service?

A: We have created a guide which has instructions for access and setup of your PrimoVoice Voicemail service and many other services too, please click here to download the guide for future use

Q: How do I publish my phone number in the NZ White Pages? 

A: We need to create a manual support ticket for this with our upstream provider, please fill in the form here, with your details for publication.

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