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Overdue Payment Procedure

Most of our customers pay on time, but what happens if you don't?

Invoices are sent out with a due date for payment, if not paid on or before that date they are deemed as being overdue, the following is an automated process on our system.

If you can't pay on time please contact us as soon as possible we'd rather help and assist than use our big stick.   

Business Customers

  • Reminders are emailed at 3, 7 and 14 days overdue - lets you know your account is overdue, please pay

Residential Customers

  • Reminder emailed at 3 days overdue - lets you know your account is overdue, pay now and the connection won't get slowed down.
  • Reminder emailed at 7 days overdue - lets you know your connection will go sloooooooooooow (256k) tomorrow, pay now* and you won't be slowed down
  • Reminder emailed at 8 days overdue - You have now been slowed down, pay now* and you will return to normal speed, payments made through the portal will resume services automatically.
  • Reminder emailed at 14 days overdue - you are still going slow, to speed up please pay now*,
  • 28 Days overdue - if your account remains overdue, you will be contacted by our accounts team and your connection may be suspended if not paid, this means you won't have any internet (if you have a phone with us this will also be affected).
*Fastest way to resume full speed is to pay through the portal which is available 24/7, processing of internet banking payments and therefore the resumption of normal services will be done during business hours only.

  • Payment Plan - If you are unable to pay the full amount contact us to discuss a payment plan.
  • Resuming Services - If your account has been suspended and you choose to resume services with us;
    • during the 30 day notice period we will credit the disconnection fee and/or router/modem (if applicable).  Along with any outstanding monies owing you will be required to pay a reconnection fee of $99 upfront and ongoing payments are strictly by direct debit only.
    • After the 30 days all monies owing including disconnection fees must be paid upfront and in full.  The connection is considered 'new' and the usual install/contract terms apply.  Payment terms are strictly direct debit only.
  • Debt collection - If services have not resumed and the account balance is not paid by the end of the 30 day notice period, or you have not contacted us to set up a payment plan or to resume services, your account will be sent for debt collection.  Costs associated with debt collection will be borne by you.

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