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Egmont Village Residential Fibre Plans

Increase your broadband speed and productivity with our Ultra-Fast broadband!

Primo is laying a fibre optic network throughout Egmont Village so that you have access to faster, reliable internet!

The project starts late February 2023 with customers coming online by the end of May 2023.

Do more online at the same time.
Work, play, stream and download without waiting around!
Free technical support from our local, friendly team.

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Egmont Village Fibre Plans

GoMassive 300


Unlimited data**

Average Peak Time Speeds
300 Mbps Download
100 Mbps Upload




250GB data

Average Peak Time Speeds
300 Mbps Download
100 Mbps Upload


Advertised plans effective from 1 February 2023.

All prices are the monthly charge in NZD and include GST. Terms and conditions apply and can be downloaded from here.

Quoted speeds shown are average download/upload speeds at busiest times. You may experience a higher or lower speed than these averages. Factors such as the performance of your router, location of the server you’re connected to, time of use, the performance of your device and your in-home WiFi setup can impact the speeds experienced.​  See connection performance below.

Our Standard Terms and Conditions (STC's) apply to all services supplied by Primo and therefore once supplied, are agreed to by the Customer (you).

** Unlimited plans have a fair use policy, please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • Key Benefits of Fibre Open or Close
    • We provide the router and will connect you for FREE with all new 24 month signups!
    • Fibre broadband connections are high quality with a low latency
    • You get speed, performance, and reliability all rolled into one service.
    • Improved Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity across multiple sites.
    • Improved information sharing, and tools across multiple sites.
    • IP telephony to deliver improved integration of voice communications.
    • High definition video conferencing across multiple sites/companies.
  • Installation Cost Open or Close

    Getting Primo Fibre installed at your property?

    Installation with 24 month contract - FREE

    • Router included*

    • Early disconnection fee applies - this is the monthly plan x the number of months remaining on the contract which includes the 30 day notice period^

    Installation with 12 month contract - $621.00

    • Router included*
    • Early disconnection fee applies - this is the monthly plan x the number of months remaining on the contract which includes the 30 day notice period^

    Installation with no contract - install $POA

    • Router included with $5/month rental fee
    • No early disconnection fees apply, 30 days notice required.

    Moving in to a property where Primo Fibre has already been installed?

    Connection with standard 12 month contract - FREE

    • Router included*
    • Early disconnection fee of $299 applies with 30 days notice required

    Connection with no contract $299

    • Router included with $5/month rental fee
    • No early disconnection fees apply, requires 30 days notice

    Primo provides free technical and fault finding support for all Primo gear, however where a fault is found to have been caused by the customer, and/or a technician is called to site, we reserve the right to charge for the call out and any equipment replaced.

    *when the contract ends, router rental of $5/month applies, can resign with standard 12 month contract. Router courier fee $20 or picked up from our office
    ^The option to transfer your contract when moving house is unavailable for Fibre installation contracts.

  • Installation & Consent Process Open or Close

    What to expect.

    Phase-1 Build Area.

    Laying fibre in your street

    Residents in the fibre build area have received a letter from us letting them know about the fibre build, its time frame and how to register for their own fibre installation.  During the build, we will have street signs out, with QR codes linking to information on this page.

    Our contractor, Subterrain Drilling, will use where they can, existing underground pipes.  They may need to dig or drill along the street to install ducting which we use to blow the fibre through to connect your property.  There will be two cabinets located along Cunningham Street from where fibre goes back into Primo’s network.

    Laying fibre from your street boundary to your house

    Once you have registered and signed the Build Consent form, your install job is given to Subterrain Drilling.

    Registering early on the in the build, means that as they pass your gate, they can also do your house at the same time.

    They will contact you the day prior to when they will do the work.  You don’t need to be home, but it is preferable that you are.  If you aren’t they will need to reach you by phone so they can then discuss the install plan with you.  They will be installing underground either by directional drilling or digging a small trench.  Most properties have existing telecommunications ducting which they will try to use if available.

    An External Termination Point (ETP) is installed to the outside of your house, at the closest point to the road and the street boundary entry point. 

    This can sometimes be a messy business, and they'll do their best to clean up after themselves.  Please note that full reinstatement of your property is not likely to be done on the same day, they will come back to do it.  Properties are usually grouped on the same street ie those that need grass seeded, or concrete etc.


    Getting your Fibre connection online

    The last stages to get you connected involve our Primo technicians.  The External Termination Point (ETP) houses the Optical Network Terminal (ONT).  

    First, they will blow the fibre from our cabinet to your ETP using compressed air, you will not need to be home when this is done.

    Secondly, we will need to do the internal cabling from the ONT to the point inside your house where your router will be located.  Depending on how your house is built, cabling will either be run under the floor or in the ceiling. You will need to be home for this, and we will schedule an appointment with you. Your Primo router will be set up at this visit, and our technicians will test the fibre service to ensure it's up and running. 

    Both these stages may or may not be done on the same day.


    To download more information on the installation process, including some photos, Click here for a PDF

    To download the Install and Consent Form Click here for the PDF form

  • Connection Performance Open or Close

    Actual user speeds will vary and are affected by various factors including the hardware and software used, number of devices, time of day, and where the data is coming from.

    In order to get the best performance out of your Primo Fibre connection, we recommend;

    • A quality modem that is capable of supporting ultrafast speeds, such as the Fritzbox provided by Primo for fibre connections.
    • A high-spec laptop or PC, running the latest operating system with all drivers up to date.
    • For optimum speeds cabling directly to your modem with an ethernet cable is better than Wi-Fi, which can have a large impact on speed.  This includes your smart TV.
  • The Equipment Open or Close

    All equipment supplied to you during the installation remains the property of PrimoWireless Ltd.

    The router supplied will be managed and configuration changes can only be made by Primo.  Primo will supply a replacement if your router fails unless you are found to be at fault, in which case you will be charged for the replacement.

    A $199 charge will be added to your final account if your router is not returned within 14 days should you choose to disconnect from Primo.

  • Technical Support Open or Close

    Technical support is available by phone during our business hours; which are 9am - 5:30pm weekdays .

    An online contact form is available here

    You can also contact us by email 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Primo Phone Lines Open or Close

    Move away from your copper phone line altogether and onto our Primo Phone service for only $10.00 (incl GST) per month per line - click here for more info.

    Includes 2000 local and 120 national calling minutes, caller ID, call waiting and voicemail.

    Low calling charges for mobile and international calls – Take a look here for toll rates (PDF)

  • Plan changes Open or Close

    Plan changes can be requested at any time and take effect on 1st of the month.  There are no plan change fees.

  • Over Usage Open or Close

    On our capped 250GB plan we don't slow you down when you reach your data cap, it's always ultra-fast and we have a super low over usage cost of only $1.00 per GB (incl GST).

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