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Rural Wireless and RBI installation info

We offer a range of connection options because every site and every customer is different.  Our helpdesk staff will work with you to decide the best option across either our rural wireless network or RBI.  Our installers take great pride in their work, they will work through your installation with you to get the best results for your connection whilst doing their best to maintain the aesthetics of the home.

A standard install includes antenna/radio and cable mounted on the roof with no more than 10m of cable to the modem for RBI and 20m for Rural Wireless.  The installer will go through an exterior wall to location of RBI modem or Wireless router or if the install can be achieved in the same time internally the installer will take that route.  Basic installs include up to 2 hours installer labour.

If you require a more advanced install where more time or additional parts are required we charge an hourly rate and per parts costs.

Additional costs for more complex installations (GST incl)
•    Extended cable - 15m on RBI $15.00
•    Extended Ethernet cable up to 100m for rural wireless $2.00 per metre
•    2m roof mounts $POA
•    Additional labour/travel over basic installation (2 hrs) $100.00 per hour
•    Additional parts Your installer will discuss with you

Disconnection and reconnections

We require 30 days' notice of your intention to disconnect your service with us, you will be charged accordingly if not given.   

If you chose a no-contract option or are now off contract there will be no disconnection fee.

If you are on a contract the following disconnection fees will apply;
•    Rural wireless $299 or the remainder of the contract, whichever is the lesser value
•    RBI $379 if cancelled in the first 12 months, and $189 thereafter

*note that $199 will be charged on final account for routers and modems which will be credited back when returned within 14 days.

Reconnections (within Taranaki only)

We will undertake signal testing at the new property and work with you to decide the best connection option available.  If this results in a different connection type to your existing one (to/from RBI, Rural Wireless or UFB/VDSL) a new contract will need to be agreed and the relevant disconnection fees and terms and conditions apply.  

Rural Wireless

If we can connect the new property with rural wireless and you want to transfer your current rural wireless contract term/conditions, or have no contract, a reconnection fee of $99 is payable.  If you agree to a new 24 month contract we will waive the $99 fee (plus GST if a business).   If you are on contract and agree a new 24 month contract both the disconnection and reconnection fees are waived.


For all RBI reconnections a $199 fee applies.  If you are an RBI customer you can transfer the remainder of your current contract term/conditions to your RBI reconnection.  

Equipment collection

Primo owns the PowerActive box (rural wireless), router/modem and SIM card (RBI) located inside the house as well as the gear* located on the roof, this gear will remain on site at our discretion for reconnection purposes of the new tenant.  

If you are not moving but disconnecting your service with us we will arrange with you to remove the gear.  

Some Rural Wireless customers own their routers and VoIP units so can take these with them when they leave.  If reconnecting to Primo rural wireless they can be used again.  

The modem and router for Rural Wireless and RBI customers is included with the connection and remains the property of PrimoWireless.  If disconnecting from $199 will be charged on the final account, however if returned within 14 days of disconnection this will be credited back or if reconnecting with Primo they can be taken with you to be used again.

*Gear refers to all radio equipment, mounts, PowerActive box/modems supplied and owned by Primo

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