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Rural Business Wireless

Struggling to get a fast, reliable, broadband connection just because you operate your business out of the main centres?

We've built our own network from the ground up, to help give rural Taranaki businesses access to faster wireless broadband. 

Check out our network coverage map and if you're not in our current coverage area then please contact us to register your interest.


With a range of data plans to suit your needs, rural wireless by Primo will help banish your internet struggles for good! 

If you need faster speeds than what is listed please contact us to discuss your specific needs.



Call us on
0800 123 774
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100GB of data

+/- 50 Mbps





250GB of data

+/- 50 Mbps





500GB of data

+/- 50 Mbps





Unlimited GB of data

+/- 50 Mbps



Advertised plans effective from 1st April 2020 with all new 24 month contracts. (installation fee of $299 for no contract).

All prices are the monthly charge and include GST.

Quoted speeds are "peak" speeds and are not guaranteed. Actual speeds will depend on factors such as time of day, location, internet congestion and line-of-site, etc. The service is best-effort.

Free Off Peak Data is from 11pm to 8am - save your data cap and use the Free Off Peak for those important computer updates, downloading videos and music etc

Our Standard Terms and Conditions (STC's) apply to all services supplied by Primo and therefore once supplied, are agre
ed to by the Customer (you).

  • Key Benefits of Rural Wireless For Business Open or Close
    • Primo Rural Business Wireless links are high quality with a low latency.
    • You get speed, performance, and reliability all rolled into one service..
    • Improved Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity across multiple sites.
    • Improved information sharing, and tools across multiple sites.
    • Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.
    • IP telephony to deliver improved integration of voice communications.
    • High definition video conferencing across multiple sites/companies.
    • One free fixed/static IPv4 IP address for servers, VPN's, etc.
  • Installation costs Open or Close
    • Free connection with 24 month contract

    Router included*
    Early disconnection fee of $299 applies - moving business? Contact our helpdesk for further information about reconnecting

    • Connection with no contract - $299.00 (ex GST)

    Router included with $5/month rental fee


    Wireless install costs are based on line of sight to our current towers and may incur additional setup costs, take a look at our Rural Wireless and RBI installation info page for more details on our process.

    Primo provides free technical and fault finding support for all Primo gear, however where a fault is found to have been caused by the customer, and/or a technician is called to site, we reserve the right to charge for the call out and any equipment replaced.

    All connections must be plugged into a surge protection board - if you do not have one, our technician can supply one at install for $25.

    Optional - stay connected during a local power cut, install a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply - battery backup) - find out more here.

    Router courier fee $20 or picked up from our office.

    *when contract ends, router rental of $5/month applies

  • Primo Phone Lines Open or Close

    You can get rid of your copper phone lines all-together and move to our Primo Phone service for only $10.00 (incl GST) per month per line - click here for more info.

    We also do PABX systems - talk to us about upgrading your systems and the long term savings you can make.

  • Plan changes Open or Close

    Plan changes can be requested at any time, and take effect on 1st of the month. Changing the data on your plan is free.

  • Multiple PC’s / Wireless Router Open or Close

    If you want to connect more than one device then an indoor wireless router will be required. 

    Primo provides a router free with your connection and it comes fully pre-configured with your user details and passwords.  Configuration changes can only be performed by Primo.  Primo will supply a replacement if your router fails unless you are found to be at fault, in which case you will be charged for the replacement.  Talk to us about specialised routers, POA.

    A $199 charge will be added to your final account and will be credited back when your router is returned within 14 days should you choose to disconnect from Primo.

  • The Equipment Open or Close

    All equipment supplied to you during the installation remains the property of PrimoWireless Ltd (Primo).

    Primo gear supplied may be pre-loved, this is our way to reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • Technical Support Open or Close

    Business customers also receive priority technical support as well as access to our afterhours emergency fault service.

    We are available by phone during our business hours; which are 9am - 5:30pm weekdays.

    You can also contact us by email 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Business After Hours

    We provide a free emergency business after hours calling service.  This service is only free to customers paying for business or corporate plans*.

    Selecting this option on our 0800 123 774 phone service will direct you to an on call technician. 


    *For avoidance of any doubt, the emergency after hours calling service is not free to 'businesses' who pay for a residential plan.


  • Over Usage Open or Close

    We don't slow you down when you reach your data cap, its always full speed and we have alow over usage cost of only $1.00 (incl GST) per GB.

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