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Primo is 100% Taranaki owned and operated and is proud to support a growing number of local community groups and organisations.

We provide sponsored broadband connections for events (including free wi-fi hotspots), groups and organisations within Taranaki, which may also extend to phone lines and website/email hosting.

We consider sponsorship requests all year round.  Your request maybe considered for a full or partial sponsorship.

Agreements with the successful organisations set out the scope of sponsorship and how in return the organisation is able to show support of Primo including use of our logos, signage, staff attendance to functions and any other arrangements as agreed.

Primo also puts your event or organisations details on its website and we happily share posts on our Facebook or Twitter accounts promoting the organisation and its events.

If you’re interested in applying for sponsorship for your upcoming event or organisation, please email us at

Our Primo Gazebo is also available to groups and organisations for use, a great way to shelter from the sun or rain!  It is 3m x 3m and comes with sides.  Contact us for bookings.

We welcome Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust to our community network.
The Trust is a community-led charity operating a multi-million dollar pest-free sanctuary in rural Taranaki.  It manages a 230ha ecological restoration project, home to kiwi, saddleback, whitehead, NI robins, and many more rare native species. They are focused on returning rare and endangered species to Taranaki through supporting comprehensive ecological restoration and comprehensive environmental education programmes.  More recently the Trust began a project to protect the surrounding halo outside the fenced sanctuary.  Nearly 3,000ha are now intensively trapped.
The new site installed for Rotokare vastly improves administration and communication efficiency of their offices.
“Rotokare is routinely involved in communicating with organisations nationwide, and the many diverse projects we deliver are often high-paced. The improved efficiency has been instant!   We can now begin to look at more cloud-based file-storage, and possible expansion of technology use in our education programme, and so much more will now be possible.  Previously we've had to regularly go off-site for some tasks, including web-site maintenance, uploading larger files, and managing our on-line accounting tools. There have been times, when a funding application is due for example, we've had to rush away to send it before applications close (we never knew on any given day if we'd have reliable internet or not).  We are proud and thrilled to welcome primo Wireless on-board as a sponsor - welcome to the family!”  Simon Collins, Sanctuary Manager

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