Primo - Connecting Taranaki - Taranaki Veterinary Centre

Stephen Hopkinson and the team at Taranaki Veterinary Centre like Primo.

CEO, Stephen Hopkinson, tells us why the team at Taranaki Veterinary Centres like Primo

"Primo helped us to connect our five Vet centres (in Stratford, Hawera, Manaia, Patea, Waverley) to their ultrafast and wireless broadband services. So now we can run our businesses wherever we are in the region. They also connected our Hawera office to their back-up redundancy service, so when ultrafast fibre was cut, our wireless back up automatically kicked in. We were able to carry on working as normal which was fantastic! Their advice on how to set up our internet connection was bang on and tailored for our business' needs. Having a local service provider also means if things go wrong, they'll come down and help and their friendly technical team are just a phone call away. We recommend them to any local business - especially those with multiple sites like ours."