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Bryan Hocken

Bryan Hocken Tarata Sheep Farmer

Tarata Sheep Farmer Bryan Hocken tell us why he switched to Primo

Running a farm in a remote part of Taranaki has its challenges. And getting access to fast and affordable internet services is one of them. Many farmers have simply given up the fight and have either accepted the fact that they will pull their hair out when trying to use their slow dial up services or have done away with the internet all together, which leaves them feeling even more isolated.

However as Bryan discovered, Taranaki farmers can now access faster and more reliable wireless internet services, thanks to Primo. Primo have built their own wireless network, which nearly goes right around the mountain and enables farmers in remote parts of Taranaki to access better internet services.

“Our internet used to be far too slow and expensive so we got in touch with Primo to see if they could do something about it," says Bryan. "Primo erected a satellite on our farm, which now services 20 other Tarata farmers, so we're all much better off."

“Primo helped us to get faster broadband at a better price. These buggers won’t pull the wool over your eyes! Managing the business side of my farm is now more efficient, magic and really reliable regardless of the weather.”

- Bryan Hocken, Tarata Sheep Farmer and local character. 

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